The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

Posted by Jodie King on 28th May 2019

When it comes to the natural light in your home, it can be easy to feel that your options are limited in terms of getting new light to flood in. But how can you flood more light into your household and why would you bother to do this in the first place?

Whether you’re looking to move into a home with plenty of windows to offer you lots of natural lighting options, or are currently in a house that you’d like to add more windows to, there’s no denying that natural lighting within your home or workplace can have a huge impact on how you feel. 

There are so many benefits to allowing more light into your home, that can make a difference to how you feel inside, as well as the more aesthetically pleasing effects that natural sunlight can make to your home.

Light adds a feeling of positivity

During the winter months, many people experience a much lower mood than they do in the peak of summertime. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SADs, affects more people than you realise – and when you understand what it is, it’s easy to see why!

Natural daylight is vital to our body clock. When we wake up on those cold winter mornings, one of the theories behind why we experience anxiety or even depression is that natural lighting we experience the rest of the year mimics sunlight, which improves communication between areas of the brain that help us to control stress and anxiety.

Add windows for increased productivity

Whether you’re looking to increase the natural lighting in your home, or your office space, one of the benefits you will feel is increased productivity. Whilst this also ties in with the aforementioned effect that sunlight can have on stress and anxiety, studies have also shown that people do generally perform better when they’re in a well-lit environment as a result of increased energy levels. And who DOESN’T want to get more done day to day?



Natural light can lower your electric bill

When you break down what it is that your electricity bill pays for, the most common denominators are lighting and heating the home – but natural lighting Less energy = fewer precious pennies spent on your electricity bill every month!

Not only will more natural lighting mean that you need to spend less time with artificial light fittings switched on in the home, but the natural lighting can help to keep your house warm too! By illuminating interior spaces, you create a consistent warmth throughout the building – meaning there’s less need to whack the boiler up to the max when it feels slightly chilly!  

… and it’s better for the environment

It’s no secret that lowering your electricity output is better for the environment, which is an excellent plus to adding more light to your home! The fuels needed to produce electricity have a devastating impact on the environment – if everyone had less need for extensive amounts of electricity, we’d be using fewer fossil fuels and contributing to a healthier environment!

Artificial lighting can be bad for your eyes

We’re all familiar with the effect that artificial lighting from electronic devices such as laptops or mobile phones is bad for our eyes but scarcely do we ask ourselves whether the glare from the lightbulbs that adorn our walls and ceilings are also bad for our eyesight. And the truth is, they can be.

Without adequate lighting, our eyes are forced to strain, which can take its toll on our precious 20/20 vision. It’s important that your eyes are also exposed to natural lighting as much as possible, to encourage the eye to train it’s focus naturally.

Natural lighting can make rooms feel bigger

It’s an old interior design trick that in order to make a room feel bigger, you must give the illusion of more light – and who doesn’t want their home to feel bigger than it actually is? Some tactics involve using lighter colours and mirrors to reflect natural light around the room. Even smaller rooms can feel larger with the addition of large windows that let lots of natural light flood in!

Adding windows to your home for additional lighting

Adding extra windows to your home can feel like a daunting task, but it needn’t be! We offer a range of window solutions to suit your home and ideal budget. You can speak to our expert team by phone on 01786 357 252, get in touch using this online contact form, or try our Window Butler, designed to help you find your perfect window!