The Benefits Of Velux Cabrio Balconies

Posted by phoebe skinner on 9th September 2019

If you feel your home may be lacking in outdoor space, or is difficult to add natural light into a room because of the pitch of the roof, then investing in a VELUX Cabrio Balcony to your home is one possible solution. Adding one of these products to your home, will not only provide countless benefits, but will also add value to your home when you consider a move. 

In this blog, we will go through the many advantages a VELUX balcony window bring's, and whether or not they are a suitable addition to your home!

The innovative VELUX Cabrio balcony system provides the ultimate solution to help create that desired loft conversion you’ve been dreaming of. Specifically designed for loft rooms, the undeniable beauty of these windows is in their operation. When they are closed, they look just like a standard roof light, but when opened, it creates a small balcony in the slope of the roof, where you can enjoy both panoramic views and the open air.

Making Your Property Exceptional, Whilst Adding Value

VELUX have undoubtedly designed the Cabrio to provide extra valuable space when opened, which is highly beneficial for smaller homes, whilst still creating ample natural light to the room when closed.

Balcony windows add the ‘wow’ factor to your bedrooms, living rooms and especially loft conversions. They are quick and easy to fit, as it is installed like a skylight, but instead opens to produce a private balcony, letting you enjoy the view from your property. 

Adding outdoor living space when opened; when closed, they still provide the extra light you are looking for, and thanks to the unique ventilation systems built within them, add in fresh filtered air. 

Whether opened or closed this sleek design look fantastic, and they are also said to increase the value of your property by 5% to 10%.

The Advantages Of A Cabrio Balcony Over A Dormer

There is nothing new about converting your loft, as practically all conversations have VELUX roof lights, even dormer conversions. Although if your roof pitches between 35° and 53° and you are looking to start a conversion or just to increase the light inside an existing one, the larger glazed areas provided by the Cabrio bring more light than any other VELUX window options available into your internal space.

The installation of VELUX windows to the roofline (rather than considering a dormer) is also a cheaper option, which makes them a better, and more cost-effective solution for your renovation project.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Can be enjoyed as both a roof window or balcony.

  • Can be easily transformed into a balcony in just seconds, as the top hung section opens outwards and the bottom unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings.

  • Created with high-quality white-painted pine, designed to last.

  • Triple-glazing as standard.

  • Consists of easy to clean coating which keeps the glass cleaner for longer.

  • The top sections rotate 180° and simply lock into place for safe, and easy cleaning.

  • The balcony systems can even be used as an emergency exit.

  • Created with toughened glass panels/safety window glazing and manual operation as standard.

  • Comes with the VELUX 10-Year Guarantee.

Options & Accessories For You To Consider

Interested and want to know if it will fit into your home? The VELUX Cabrio is 252cm in height and is available in two width options: 94cm and 114cm.

You can even have single, double or triple Cabrio versions installed (But please do consider that on the double and triple balconies, one lower section and all top sections of the window will open.) They come complete with the installation flashings which are required to weatherproof the aperture, however, these do differ for slate and tiled roofs, but you can simply pick your desired option at the installation process.

When looking at accessories, VELUX blinds are essential to provide that much needed finishing touch, whilst allowing total control over the light with either manual, solar or electric options available to you.

Questions You May Be Thinking

What If I Want To Venture Further And Have Additional Outside Living Space?

This will not be a problem as you have the option of a Velux Roof Terrace Window, which is a balcony built directly into the lowest part of your roof, helping to avoid compromising on your much needed internal space.

This roof terrace allows you to make the most out of your unused roof space and provides a bright, large and open area.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

VELUX advise that planning permissions for a Cabrio balcony is not usually necessary, reasons include the fact that there is a requirement for the construction of a raised platform, as the existing loft floor can be used to stand on, the window does not protrude past the plane of the front-rear slope of the food and also the fact that this is a window, not a door, with no handles on the outside.

Furthermore, when installing a VELUX balcony window, they normally comply with the Permitted Development regulations, but there are exceptions, that include if the windows form part of a larger project (such as a loft conversion or when your property is in a conservation area.)

Why not opt-in for the everlasting taste of luxury in your home today? Where you will be able to maximise the space and potential of your home and enjoy the outdoors, even from the inside. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you - 01786 357 252.