​The Big Industry Price Increase

28th May 2022

Inflation is rising at its fastest rate for 30 years as fuel, energy and food costs surge. Unfortunately, due to this inflation the price of everything is going up, even for businesses. During these difficult times the impact of rising prices on raw materials and energy costs is having an impact on production costs.

The price of wood has not stabilised and there is a huge increase in the cost of glass, aluminium and steel, which cannot work whilst maintaining high standards.

On the 1st July 2022, VELUX will increase prices by 9% on average across all of their products, with the exception of blinds which will increase by 5% on average. And as well as VELUX increasing their prices, Fakro are also implementing a price increase of 9% on selected product ranges, except for the FAKRO Loft Ladder range which will be increased by 13%.

How will this affect you?

The cost of VELUX and Fakro products will be increasing on our website, however not by much. Although, the prices on our Yardlite and Roto products will be remaining the same. So if you are looking to save money, these are great options to look at too.


Yardlite windows are our own high quality cheap roof windows. Made by VELUX’s sister company Altaterra, the YARDLITE windows are excellent quality, have the oh so comforting 10 year guarantee and offer our customers an excellent value alternative to VELUX (approximately up to 40% cheaper) without compromise on the materials and workmanship of the window.

These windows are available for next day delivery and are available in a range of sizes and colour options.


Roto roof windows and blinds are created with quality engineering and luxury design. Roto products are strong with an outstanding shelf life. From centre pivot, to manual and electric Roto have everything you could need to maximise the light in your home.

If you are looking to update the windows in your home, or add windows to a renovation project then get in touch with the team who can run you through any cost changes and help you on your journey. Equally, if you are looking at buying blinds for your new windows, you can read our Blind Buying Guide For Summer here