​The Differences Between a Terrace vs Roof Balcony.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 8th August 2023

Balcony vs Terrace

Are you looking to add a spacious & vibrant way of adding more daylight and fresh air into your home? Both Balcony & Terraces are a great way to give your home your home a daylight transformation. But here is the difference between balcony vs terrace roof windows.

What is balcony & terrace windows.

What is a balcony?

Balconies are an area or space which is connected to the structure of a main building. Balconies come in different shapes, sizes, and functions from roof window balconies to standard vertical opening patio door balconies. Balconies can be fully covered, partially covered, or even have a soft canopy cover over the space.

Balconies usually are connected to living areas, such as your living room or bedroom. The most common style is French or bi-fold doors exiting out to the platform. However, as time goes on VELUXFAKRO. Who are global leaders in roof windows have come up with a solution to turn your sloping roof window into a balcony.

Balconies are usually more limited in space, which limits what you can do within the area.

Balcony Roof Window

What is a terrace?

Terraces are a spacious & usually larger area connected to a building; terraces are usually found elevated off the ground. Usually found on the roof of your property.

Terraces are widely known for being standard in social areas such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools & relaxing areas. Terraces became popular as people started favoring panoramic & tranquil views.

Roof Terraces is perfect to add more outdoor space, daylight & fresh air to your home.

Roof Terrace Windows

So, what is the key difference between a balcony vs terrace

A terrace is usually a larger, open space than is usually attached to a building via its vertical walls or roof. Whereas balconies are usually small, elevated platforms that are adjacent to a common living space in a building. Terraces can have multiple access points vs a balcony which usually only have one main access point.

Which one is better for your home?

If you are going back & forth on what solution you wish to add to your home. It is important to consider the following factors:

Space: how much room your property has. If you have a lot of room on your roof, or vertical wall of your building, a terrace may be the option for you. Vice versus, if you have less room & more limited to space. You should go on the balcony.

Use of space:have you considered in what you are using the space for, for larger gathering, gardening & social spaces the terrace is your best option. For smaller tranquil spaces. You will get away with putting a balcony in your home. 

Balcony vs Terrace