The Story of Roto Windows

29th September 2022

Where Does Roto Originate?

Roto’s headquarters are based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen which is in Germany. The German company is organic and robust, with three strong values, the first being continuity, consistency and reliability. They also have a manufacturing and international export centre for roof windows in Lubartów, Poland. Roto also has 20 sales offices around the world.

The second is experience and ambition to succeed as well as vision, and lastly knowledge, ability and German engineering skills. These are all shown through their windows. Although Roto originates in Germany, Roto windows are sold worldwide.

Environmental Impact

Roto’s objective when manufacturing is to produce their products with the lowest possible consumption of energy and operating resources and strive to produce durable components. To achieve their eco-friendly goals they conserve natural resources, minimise energy consumption and use raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Not only is this a priority for them through their manufacturing, but through their packaging and disposal.

Roto Products

Roto roof windows and blinds are the epitome of quality engineering and luxury design, with a strong outstanding shelf life.

Roto wants people to dream of real-life projects, where the aesthetics and functionality match durability and efficiency to define the comfort of living with spirit, light, technology and design.

There are a variety of different products that Roto manufactures, including roof windows, flashings and blinds. If you’re looking for modern solutions for your home, Roto is a perfect choice. Offering windows suitable for your attic, whether you want pivot, top-hung or panoramic windows, you have all the choices on offer with Roto.

Roto windows are available with 2-layer glazing and 3-layer glazing as standard. Their windows are made using timber so are slightly bigger frames than some slimmer options, but are available in manual and electric - so you have the choice depending on your preference for your home.

With your Roto windows, you’ll get a 15-year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

If you’re about to start a home renovation or looking to update your windows, get in touch with our experts who can talk to you about our range of Roto Windows.