Three Things to Check When Ordering Roof Windows

27th July 2022

Ordering new additions to your home is never the easiest job, especially when you get excited and impatient. So, we thought we’d share with you the most common mistakes when ordering roof windows to make the process much easier. Keeping your budget and deadlines in line is important.

Roof windows have many different variants and features, all of which specifically fit different needs and requirements for your home. Our windows range from the pitched roof and top hung windows in polyurethane to white painted and flat roof options, all from some of our biggest brands including VELUX, FAKRO, ROTO and YARDLITE roof windows.

High quality roof windows offer an amazing amount of natural light and can improve not only your home’s look but add to the value too.

Here are some of the mistakes we often see people make that may just help you make the perfect purchase for your home.


When ordering your roof window, you need to make sure that you’re confident about the size you want. When choosing the size of your window, you should always check when your builder first to make sure your roof is strong enough to hold the roof window you’d like to choose, and what other options you have if it isn’t.

Something else that is important you look at is the size of the rafters in your roof. We’d always advise checking your rafters and the integrity of your roof to avoid any return fees and charges.


Another common mistake we see a lot is people ordering the wrong flashings with their order. The brands we work with here at Yard Direct all have a wide range of flashing to suit your tiles, slate, as well as metal and vinyl roofs. To find the right flashings you need to know the thickness, length and pitch of your roof first. If you want more advice on which flashings you need for your roof windows, read our guide to flashings here.


Another thing to check before choosing and ordering your roof windows is compatibility. If you are ordering an electric roof window be sure to check if your installer will be able to wire this into the mains without a large cost. For example, if you have an electric top hung roof window it’s important to know you cannot install electric blinds due to manufacturing issues. However, you can fit solar blinds in too.

Most installations do not require any building regulation approvals. However, this is not unheard of especially in conservation areas. So it’s important to always check with your local council guidelines on roof windows or ask your chosen builder.

In conclusion, we want you to be 100% confinement whilst ordering and so do you! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help advise you as much as possible. However, we’d advise you to check everything with your builder or window installer before you place your order with us at Yard Direct.

For more peace of mind, why don’t you download our checklist to make sure you’ve completed all of the required steps to making the perfect roof window order.

If you do get stuck or need a little help along the way, give us a call on 01786 357252 or drop us an email here if you have any further questions. In the meantime, why not check out our wide range of roof windows to get a feel for what we have to offer for your home.