Tips To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

21st October 2022

Are you worried about the rising costs in the home, but unsure how to combat it? You can do plenty of things to heat your home this winter, and it doesn’t involve turning your radiator on full blast.

It’s important to try and stay as warm as possible during the colder months due to the negative impacts the cold weather can have on your health. Thankfully we have some energy saving tips to keep your home warm this winter.

Cold Weather & The Negative Impacts

Unfortunately when the colder season comes around our health does suffer from it. Cold air can affect those with asthma and other respiratory problems, as well as affecting those immune to cold and flu symptoms - so it’s really important to keep your house warm and your family's health.

With gas and electricity prices remaining so high, we have listed some ideas on how you can keep your house warm during the colder months. As you may have seen in the media, costs are set to rise incrementally and consumers are being hit hard financially. It's not all doom and gloom though, there are practical, easy ways to tackle these problems.

Use Your Curtains

Your curtains are usually there to keep the sunlight out, however in this case we’d recommend keeping them open for as long as you can. Sunlight during the autumn and winter months is still just as warm as it is throughout summer - so make the most of it!

Open your curtains during the day to let the sunlight warm up your rooms, we are certain that you’ll start to feel the benefits from it.

On the flip side, when it’s dark in the evenings, shutting your curtains can keep in the heat you’ve created, and your curtains will work as another layer of insulation in your home. The trapped heat will stay in the room, something as simple as closing doors and windows can help too, that way you will really be able to benefit from the hot air. You might even want to install draught excluders to really boost your energy efficiency.

Service Boiler

Ensuring that your boiler is efficient and regularly serviced will make sure when you need the home heating up, that it will do the best job. Upgrading to an A-rated boiler could mean that you actually save money in the long run, with its efficiency of over 90% you won’t need to turn up the thermostat on those chilly days.

Modern boilers are also much more eco-friendly, saving you money and reducing your CO2 emissions every year.

Double or Triple Glazed Windows

With the latest rise in energy costs, now more than ever it’s important to make sure that your house is insulated properly. Without any proper insulation, your house will lose a lot of heat during the winter months.

You may not realise this, but closed windows are still capable of letting in the cold air and allowing heat to escape, this is why it’s important to make sure your windows are well sealed. If you feel your windows are letting heat escape then you should consider upgrading to double or even triple-glazed windows.

This might be a short-term expense, but something you will be grateful for in the long run when your energy bills go down.

Loft Insulation

Making sure your loft is well insulated is important in preventing heat from escaping your home during the colder months. Heat rises, and if your loft isn’t well insulated then the heat produced by your radiators will just escape through the roof - you’d be flushing money straight down the drain!

Once you’ve upgraded or added to your current loft insulation you’ll notice your house getting warmer, and you’ll find yourself spending less on your heating bills.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Getting a newer thermostat can help your heating system become much more efficient. If you want to go the extra mile, a high-quality digital thermostat will allow you to set your desired temperature more accurately.

Most modern thermostats also have a programme that allows you to schedule your heating to your lifestyle. This means you’ll be able to use your phone to programme it to turn off during the day when you’re not there, and on when you are home.

Keeping your home warm during the winter months has many benefits. We hope that these top tips will help you both save money and keep warm throughout this cost of living crisis.

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