UPDATED PRODUCT: New Generation of VELUX Glass Rooflights

27th July 2021

With 75 years of innovation, VELUX is continuously refining and developing their products and with that, the new generation of rooflights are now available!

  • Maximum daylight is achieved as the new design allows for 52% more daylight compared to previous models.
  • Contemporary glass-to-edge design means when you look up, you see just the glass and sky!
  • Excellent indoor climate can be achieved by combining with anti-heat or blackout blinds and adding the VELUX ACTIVE package.


Our website is easy to use and to order from. We ask for:

1. opening window size

2. operation (fixed/electric)

3. base unit glazing (double/triple)

4. top cover

But if you need any further help or information, please contact us or give us a call on 01786 357 252 and we'd be happy to help!