VELUX flat roof window sizes.

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 13th February 2023

VELUX windows are the most renowned roof windows on the market. VELUX flat roof windows are a modern and stylish solution to opening your home to greater daylight and a happier and healthier home. For example, the CVP 080080 window is 80cm width and 80cm height. VELUX flat roof windows, sometimes known as VELUX flat skylights are available in electric, solar or fixed. So, here is our breakdown guide to help you understand VELUX flat roof window sizes and which one will suit your home.

VELUX flat roof window sizes:

Click on the size you require, top size for VELUX flat glass and bottom for VELUX curved glass to be taken straight to product.

Height Width
    60cm 80cm 90cm 100cm 120cm 150cm
60cm     060060
Curved glass     060060
80cm 080080
Curved glass 080080
90cm     090060 090090
Curved glass     090060
100cm 100100
Curved glass 100100
120cm 120090 120120
Curved glass 120090 120120
150cm 150100 150150
Curved glass 150100 150150
200cm 200100

Flat Skylights and VELUX domes are perfect, affordable to open up your home to better daylight. Contact our sales team today.

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