VELUX Window sizes (New Install vs Replacements)

5th December 2022

VELUX sizes suited to you!

Whether you are looking to replace your VELUX roof window or install a brand new one. Sizing can be very tricky if you don’t work with them all the time! We hope you can use this blog as a guide to purchase either a new VELUX or replacing an existing VELUX.

New Installs

For any new installs its always best for you to talk to your installer before purchasing a VELUX. Your builder/installer will need to advise on the best suited sizing, what your roof can support and how different VELUX sizes may affect your roofing structure. VELUX roof windows come in the following sizes (As standard).

Window Width Height

VELUX BK04 47cm 98cm

VELUX CK01 55cm 70cm

VELUX CK02 55cm 78cm

VELUX CK04 55cm 98cm

VELUX CK06 55cm 118cm

VELUX FK04 66cm 98cm

VELUX FK06 66cm 118cm

VELUX FK08 66cm 140cm

VELUX MK27 78cm 62cm

VELUX MK04 78cm 98cm

VELUX MK06 78cm 118cm

VELUX MK08 78cm 140cm

VELUX MK10 78cm 160cm

VELUX MK12 78cm 180cm

VELUX PK25 94cm 55cm

VELUX PK04 94cm 98cm

VELUX PK06 94cm 118cm

VELUX PK08 94cm 140cm

VELUX PK10 94cm 160cm

VELUX SK01 114cm 70cm

VELUX SK06 114cm 118cm

VELUX SK08 114cm 140cm

VELUX SK10 114cm 160cm

VELUX UK04 134cm 98cm

VELUX UK08 134cm 140cm

VELUX UK10 134cm 160cm

Replacement roof windows.

For replacement roof windows. You may have an outdated roof window model such as the VELUX ggl-1 size which is a new model MK04. It is easy enough to replace your roof window to a new model with a VELUX replacement flashing. However, for size GGL- 5 the frame size has decreased in width from 70 to 66 which can be slightly trickier to replace. 

When replacing your roof window. Its best to consult with your installer/builder for best practises. Your installer may wish to use certain equipment in order quicky and simply replace the roof window.