What You Need to Know About The Different Types of VELUX Flashings

Posted by Skye Tunks on 16th March 2020

VELUX flashings are specifically designed to integrate a VELUX roof window into the roofing material. This is to make sure that whatever the conditions, your window is completely weathertight. 

You must use a flashing kit when installing your windows to ensure a tight seal. Here at Yard Direct, we have the complete range of window flashings to fit your roof including both VELUX and RoofLITE. 

We can help you choose the right roof window flashings, generally, the questions we need to ask and what we need to know are: 

  • Is your roof material tiles or slate?

  • Are your tiles flat or do they have a curve or profile?

  • What is the thickness of your tiles or slate?

  • Are you in a conservation area?

  • What is your roof pitch?

We will also advise you on whether it’s a standard or recessed flashing that will give you the ultimate look you are after. 


VELUX Single

Our range of VELUX flashings are designed to suit most roof materials and pitches, we specialise in supplying standard flashings (EDP, EDL, EDW) which fit all basic VELUX windows. 

EDP flashings are ideal for standard installation of roof windows in plain tiles. The maximum tile thickness is 14mm and they are suitable for 25-90 degree roof pitches. 

EDL flashings are used for the installation of roof windows into slate up to 8mm thick, they shouldn’t be used for interlocking slate. They are generally designed for 15-90 degree roof pitches. 

EDW flashings can be used for roof windows in flat or profiled roofing material up to 120mm in profile. These types of flashings can also be used for interlocking slate, thatch and profiling sheeting. Suitable for 15-90 degree roof pitches. 

As part of our VELUX Single range, we also stock recessed flashings which are designed to allow your windows to sit lower in the roof creating a slicker finish. 

Combination Flashings 

Are you thinking of going for something a bit more adventurous with your VELUX window selection? Why not take a look at our combination flashings - This is what we have to offer: 

  • VELUX Twin flashings (EBW, EBL, EBP) 

  • Coupled flashings (EKW, EKL, EKP) 

  • VELUX triple flashings

  • VELUX Quattro flashings 

Our team has a high amount of technical expertise, to ensure that your windows fit perfectly into the roof regardless of the roof material or pitch. 

YARDLITE Flashings

As well as our range of VELUX flashings we also supply a range of YARDLITE flashings that are designed to go with our YARDLITE windows. There are four types of flashings available: 

  • TFX - Standard Tile Flashing, suitable for tiles between 16-50mm in profile 

  • SFX - Standard Slate Flashing, suitable for slates up to 16mm thick 

  • KFP - Plain Tile Flashing, suitable for plain, flat tiles up to 14mm in profile

  • UFX - Universal Tile Flashing, suitable for all tiles from 16-120mm in profile 

Our lines are open 7 days a week between 8 am and 10 pm, we are here to discuss your requirements with you and help you to find the right window flashing.