Why buy roof windows, and why not to hesitate?

Posted by Lawrie Fraser on 13th January 2023

At YARD we always consider every possible climate, issues, and problems our customers face while buying roof windows. We use these factors to help our customers find their perfect match, suited to their budget and project. With the rising cost of living and an increase in roof window prices. Here is why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy roof windows and how we can help to minimize any stress or pressure while ordering your roof window.

Cost of living crisis.

In 2022 the UK seen a sharp rise in costs and day-to-day prices nationwide. This limited spending on non-essential items/service, which led to some people halting any on-going renovations and construction projects. The cost-of-living crisis resulted in a rising and unsteady housing market. So why move when you can simply improve. At YARD we have roof windows suited to every budget, so you can create your happy healthy home. While not breaking the bank.







Roof window prices

The roof window industry has been affected in many ways with the worldwide inflation. The cost of raw materials to manufacture has risen along with delivery costs and standard operating costs. Saying this, a lot of roof window brands have increased the price of their products to maintain the highest quality of products at their pricing tier. There have been 3 price rises for some brands since January 2022 and no sign of this slowing down. So, if you are dreaming of adding natural daylight and fresh air to your home, think ahead. Beat the rise.

Long-term roof window benefits to tackle other costs.

Our brands of roof windows are designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure the best energy efficiency. So, how can this help you in the long run. Roof windows usually have a Low-E coating on the glazing pane of the roof window. This Low-E coating allows passage of maximum daylight and reduces the UV and heat distributed from the sun. This has multiple benefits such as: excessive heating in the summer and prevents the fading of carpets, furniture, and fabrics in direct sunlight from your roof window. The seals, frame and flashing of the roof window stop any drafts and leaks to keep proper insulation in winter. In conclusion, roof windows reduce energy-bills throughout summer and winter via replacing the use of electric fans and daylights within your home.

Live better, Live healthily.

With the cost of living and the current climate, we understand a lot of people may be stressed for many different reasons. Roof windows and the passage of fresh air have both physical and mental health benefits. Here is how our fresh air from roof windows can help you live better and reduce stress levels.

Mental health benefits:

  • Fresh air can improve focus levels.
  • Fresh air can improve happiness.
  • Fresh air can reduce stress.
  • Fresh air can reduce anxiety and overthinking.
  • Fresh air can improve your sleep quality.

Physical health benefits:

  • Fresh air can help raise oxygen levels in your brain, which improves serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that alters your mood. The higher serotonin levels the happier and more productive you become.
  • Fresh air is good for your lung health.
  • Fresh air can help improve your digestive system.
  • Fresh air can improve your immune system. 

So, why not? Why not improve your mental and physical health while opening your home to more daylight and fresh air. All while keeping your bank happy.

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