VELUX Active Kit

Make spending your time indoors more enjoyable with the VELUX ACTIVE Package! The VELUX ACTIVE KIT works in conjunction with VELUX INTEGRA products seamlessly and will improve your indoor climate by monitoring temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 levels). Both the VELUX ACTIVE Kit and the app are required to install VELUX ACTIVE in your home.

The VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate sensor ensures you have a healthier indoor climate in your home by monitoring each room accordingly by their climate. It is recommended to have a climate sensor in each room you have VELUX INTEGRA Roof Windows.

With the VELUX ACTIVE departure switch, you can have an easy departure of your home. By tapping the switch as you leave your home, you simultaneously close all your VELUX INTEGRA Roof Windows while securing ventilation through the ventilation flap which remains activated.

On top of this, VELUX ACTIVE is compatible with Apple Homekit, letting your control your VELUX INTEGRA products and other smart home devices using voice control. You can simply tell Siri to open or close your roof window or blinds, its as easy as that!