YARDLITE APY S6A (114cm (w) X 118cm (H)) With Manufacturing Defect


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YARDLITE APY S6A (114cm (w) X 118cm (H)) With Manufacturing Defect
The YARDLITE APY White Centre-Pivot Roof Windows have a white PVC profile with a toughened outer pane to ensure greater durability, easy maintenance and better thermal performance. The window has 24mm double glazing to secure good thermal insulation. With the low emissivity feature, overheating in summer and heat loss in the winter is controlled. The Centre-Pivot Window has an elegant bottom handle and guarantees easy installation for all roofing types.

The White APY Roof Windows are suitable for roof pitches between 15°-90°.

The YARDLITE APY Centre-Pivot Roof Windows are suitable for all roofing materials when installed with the correct flashing kit. 

Please note that this does not come with a flashing.

The YARDLITE windows offer a high-quality, cost-effective daylight solution and come with a 10 year guarantee.

If you should have any enquiries about this items, please feel free to call: 01786 357 252

Conservation Size:
MK08 - 78cm (W) x 140cm (H)
Glazing Type:
Standard Double Glazing - 70 pane
Yardlite Blinds:
No blind
Window Manufactured Date:
After February 2014
Trim Colour:
Grey Aluminium