VELUX FSK Solar Light Dimming Energy Blind for Flat Roof Windows


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VELUX FSK Flat Roof Light Dimming Blind
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Bring stylish and luxurious lighting options to your home with the VELUX FSK Solar Powered flat roof blind.

  • Blackout effect
  • Seamless integration with VELUX flat roof windows
  • Improved insulation against the heat and cold with double pleated fabric
  • Comes in two colours: Black or White, to match most interiors
  • 3-year VELUX guarantee.

Flexible light control and effective insulation.

The VELUX FSK are solar powered blinds suitable only for flat roof windows. The light-dimming double-pleated blind with an aluminium coating regulates the light levels entering a room while also improving insulation indoors. The improve insulation helps against heat and cold, providing a better indoor climate for extra comfort. The FSK blind integrates seamlessly with the VELUX flat roof windows and there are no visible cords as they are hidden between two layers of cloth. The FSK blinds are easy to install from inside your home and operated with a VELUX remote control and are now compatible with io-homecontrol. The light-dimming, double-pleated FSK Solar blind increases indoor comfort while making an attractive choice for any home.