VELUX ZWC Window Profile Set


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VELUX ZWC Window Profile Set
1.00 KGS
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The VELUX ZWC 0000T Profile set is to be used on non-standard roofing materials like felt, zinc, lead etc with an on site flashing. It is also required when you're putting a pitched roof window into you own manufacturered timber kerb on a flat roof. Please read the further detail below for more information on what's included and will be required to do on site.


You will receive a special head flashing that will hook over the top hood section which will overlap the roofing material and then the installer will need to flash up to the window frame to ensure weather tightness.  You will also recieve side coverings shown as parts 2 and 4 of the image. These and the special head flashing will work with the side and bottom frame covers supplied with the window. This is not a flashing, you will be required to use an on-site flashing to ensure weather tightness.

For more information click here for installation instructions.

If your window was manufactured before Feb 2014 please contact us as you will require a different type of profile set.

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Glazing Type:
Standard Double Glazing - 70 pane
Yardlite Blinds:
No blind