Check Out Our Top 4 Best Selling Products

Posted by Skye Tunks on 22nd June 2020

Choosing the right windows or window accessories can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. YARD Direct are the UK’s best roof window specialists, we supply the best roof … read more

Accessories For VELUX Windows

Posted by Skye Tunks on 10th June 2020

Once you have purchased your VELUX window, you might start thinking about different accessories you can add to your home. At YARD Direct, we supply a large range of VELUX roof window accessories to he … read more

How to Measure Windows For Blinds

Posted by Skye Tunks on 21st May 2020

As well as supplying a wide range of windows, we also have a wide range of VELUX roof window blinds to match your roof windows! We have a selection of styles and colours so you can find the ones that … read more

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Windows

Posted by Skye Tunks on 15th May 2020

Cleaning your windows can be a tedious chore, so it is important to try and get it right the first time. Spring is the best time to clean your windows because it isn’t too warm and it stays ligh … read more

The Benefits of Natural Light For Your Mental Health

Posted by Skye Tunks on 17th April 2020

Can Natural Light Help With Mental Health? We are used to people talking about how too much sun can be harmful to your skin, but it is important to remember that the right balance can have lots of be … read more