NEW VELUX Curved Glass Rooflight

Posted by Becky Graham on 27th April 2017

The new VELUX curved glass rooflight is finally here!
Currently available in 5 sizes with a further 3 becoming available at the end of May, the modern curve-shaped edge-to-edge glass is the premium choice for homeowners.

Compatible with roof pitches from 0-15°, the innovative CurveTech design allows rainwater to easily slide off the surface, allowing plenty of daylight to shine through your window without the interruption of rainwater.

Why choose the VELUX Curved Glass Rooflight?

  • This elegant design consists of a 3-layer glass construction- PVC construction and an integrated 2-layer low-energy pane, maximising the energy performance.
  • The black underlying coating bordering the unit ensures a discreet, modern visual connection to the roof and the curved glass consists of 6mm scratch-free glazing and the glass-to-edge design extending beyond the supporting frame provides a clear view out of your new window.
  • To top it off, these windows come with a 1.2 U-Value energy pane, reducing energy consumption and saving you money on your energy bills!

You can choose between a fixed glass option (CFP) or the VELUX INTEGRA® electric version (CVP) coming with an intelligent control pad for easy, comfortable operation of your window.