Engaging the vent bar

Posted by Becky Graham on 23rd May 2017

A typical issue with a straightforward solution.  A common worry from many people is that their new window is “loose” and not connecting properly. More often than not, the simple rea … read more

How To Change Your Vent Handle

Posted by Becky Graham on 10th May 2017

A common problem with a simple solution. Replacing the handle on your VELUX window can seem difficult and it is always worrying that you may damage the window. However, with these 6 easy steps, you ca … read more

All you need to know about a VELUX Profile Set

Posted by Becky Graham on 3rd May 2017

The VELUX ZWC Window Profile Set is for use with on-site flashing and is to be used with the installation of a VELUX window on a non-standard roofing material like felt, zinc, lead etc.  A speci … read more

What's in the box?

Posted by Becky Graham on 19th April 2017

It can often be confusing which parts are what and where they are in the box when you receive your VELUX window.  This post will show you exactly how your window and flashing will arrive in the p … read more

Which Flashing do you need?

Posted by Becky Graham on 19th April 2017

VELUX window flashings are essential for the installation of your roof window. Flashings will provide a weathertight seal between your roof window and roofing material to ensure safe and effective wat … read more