Why your VELUX window may not lock correctly:

Posted by James Fraser on 26th July 2017

Occasionally there may be times when your VELUX window does not lock properly and often they can be sorted with these easy solutions.

One common reason why a VELUX window is “not locking correctly” can often be due to the magnet on the motor being missing. This can be resolved by fitting the magnet into locking position as shown below in the pictures (Left).

Another common reason why your VELUX window may not be locking correctly can be due to the lock being in the incorrect position. As shown below (right) the lock should be positioned upwards rather than down. So if your lock is in the incorrect position, placing it in the correct function should allow it to lock properly.

Their may be may other reasons from the velux window locking mechanism. There is many other common problems with velux windows that could be causing this issue. If your VELUX is new, please ensure the handle has been correctly engaged.

If you have any further questions after reading this guide, feel free to contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.