VELUX Sun Tunnels

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The VELUX Sun Tunnel Flat Roof bring natural daylight into your home where you never thought was possible before. These sun tunnels are ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways and cupboards – areas of the home where there are no windows providing natural light into the home. The VELUX sun tunnels feature a number of innovative designs which improve performance and makes the installation even easier.

The pitched roof sun tunnel is suitable for roof pitches of 15° – 60° and the discreet external finish ensures a sleek, modern exterior view to your window.

Pitched roof sun tunnels

  • Rigid (10” or 14”) or flexible (14”)
  • Exterior flat glass window appearance
  • Easy-to-clean coating keeps glass cleaner for longer
  • Easy to install with integral flashing
  • Can be used for night time lighting with an optional low energy light kit
  • Double layer diffuser with new Edge-Glow technology which increases the spread of light internally

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