VELUX Sun Tunnels

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The VELUX Sun Tunnel Flat Roof bring natural daylight into your home where you never thought was possible before. These sun tunnels are ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways and cupboards – areas of the home where there are no windows providing natural light into the home. The VELUX sun tunnels feature a number of innovative designs which improve performance and makes the installation even easier.

The pitched roof sun tunnel is suitable for roof pitches of 15° – 60°and the discreet external finish ensures a sleek, modern exterior view to your window.

Pitched roof sun tunnels

VELUX sun tunnels are an excellent solution for bringing natural light into rooms in your home that lack windows or have limited access to daylight. These innovative rooflights consist of a highly reflective tube that channels natural light from the roof to the room below. VELUX sun tunnels are available in a range of sizes and can be installed in both pitched and flat roofs. The flexible and rigid tunnel options allow for easy installation, even around obstacles such as attic insulation and ventilation ducts to ensure you can install these sun tunnels into your home. VELUX sun tunnels are energy efficient and can significantly reduce the need for artificial lighting in during the day in your home, resulting in lower energy bills. The highly reflective tube and low-emissivity coating on the diffuser help to reduce heat loss, making them an excellent choice homes looking to improve their energy efficiency. Sun tunnels, sometimes referred to as light tubes. Allow you to dig deeper into your home and open up rooms that may not be habitable. In addition to the practical benefits, VELUX sun tunnels also add a stylish and contemporary feature to any room. The diffuser can be easily opened and removed for cleaning, ensuring that the sun tunnel continues to provide natural light for years to come. As well as the option to install your new VELUX sun tunnel on flat roofs or pitched roofs.

  • Rigid (10” or 14”) or flexible (14”)
  • Exterior flat glass window appearance
  • Easy-to-clean coating keeps glass cleaner for longer
  • Easy to install with integral flashing
  • Can be used for night time lighting with an optional low energy light kit
  • Double layer diffuser with new Edge-Glow technology which increases the spread of light internally


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