VELUX ELX 0000 Adaptor Flashing for Combinations


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ELX 0000
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Replace your old windows and improve the light and energy efficiency in your home with VELUX combinations. The ELX 0000 adaptor is for combinations and for use in conjunction with EDL & EDW.

The VELUX ELX 0000 Adaptor flashing is an adapter for combination flashings to ensure an excellent and sleek finish. The ELX 0000 is for use in conjunction with EDL & EDW and is available in a massive range of VELUX sizes.

The ELX 0000 flashing adaptor for VELUX is to upgrade a single roof window to a combination roof window. VELUX combination roof windows can be connected to create any block/sequence of roof windows. However, for combination VELUX windows. It Is always important to check with your installer what your roof can uphold. Over loading your roof with too many roof windows can damage and effect the structural integrity of your roof.

Glazing Type:
Standard Double Glazing - 70 pane
Yardlite Blinds:
No blind
Window Manufactured Date:
After February 2014