ATLAS Square Roof Lantern


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ATLAS Square Roof Lantern
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The Atlas Square Roof Lantern provides excellent thermal performance as well as being attractively designed. Slimmer: 40mm wide rafters, 38% slimmer internal hip than alternatives, Over 50% lower external bulk. Stronger: Tested up to a uniformly distributed load of 3.5 KN/m2, Structural ringbeam supplied with Atlas lantern roof kits doesn’t rely on the structural stability of the builders kerb on-site , Pressure plated system for extra security. Superior thermal performance: Thermal break in rafters prevents cold getting to the inside of the rafter, Industry leading ridge and rafter U Values, U Value on ridge and rafters as low as 1.5 W/m2K on DG roofs, Best U Value available for double glazing 1.0 W/m2K. Fitter Friendly: No need for excess silicone at the connections to keep water out, Ensures a fast high quality installation. Design detail - The architect’s choice: Contemporary appearance, Roof proportionately correct, with rafters and hips all 40mm, Stock lanterns 25 degrees.