How To Make Budget Friendly Decisions Around the Home

How To Make Budget Friendly Decisions Around the Home

28th May 2022

It’s always been hard to keep to a budget in a household. Unexpected costs and purchases mean that you can often feel like you are up against it towards the end of a month. The cost of living crisis is affecting a lot of people in different ways.

If you’re feeling the pinch, then why not consider making these budget-friendly decisions around the home? Every little step adds up, or so they say. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and style either. Could your home still look stunning despite society’s squeeze?

Read on, you might pick up something useful!

Think vintage

Why not combine a modern interior with a vintage twist? Not everything needs to be new to shine. Remember, finding something truly unique and individual also means your home is truly your own. Buying new might be more convenient, but then if everyone was the same, the world would be pretty boring, right?

You can also make searching for vintage or retro items for your home a hobby. Head out to antique fairs, junk shops and second hand emporiums and let your imagination take you for a ride. You can pick up stunning pieces of furniture that will be built to last and add to your home’s own character, or simply seek out sleek and curious accessories to add individuality and flair to an already furnished room. Look into unloved and shabby furniture too. You can easily take a neglected item and bring it back to life with some simple touches. A sand down, some tester pots of a matching colour to your decor and you could have a piece that you’ll value for years.

Keep it clean

It might sound really obvious, but a deep clean can make any home look brand new and refreshed. Keeping on top of cleaning windows, frames, doors, floors and walls can mean the difference between a room looking tired and feeling like a space you actually want to spend time in. Without breaking the bank, you can enjoy comfortable, peaceful surroundings. Still not convinced? Add cost-effective fragrances to rooms. Lavender in your pillow, diffusers in corridors and essential oils dotted at strategic locations can make a huge difference. Sometimes even rearranging a room’s furniture can make it seem new and can bring a renewed sense of energy to proceedings.

Make use of light

Light is your friend. Remember that a room can be transformed with a little natural sunlight. You could make sure you have curtains or blinds that work either way, by blocking out light when it’s needed and letting as much light in as possible when it’s bright.

Light means a serotonin boost, an elevated mood and is generally good for your wellbeing.

Stuck in a room with a lack of light? Consider replacing older windows with skylights, large-scale bifold doors or even a roof window. The benefits are many and could even add value to your home. Think about it as a long-term investment and it makes loads of sense. The fresh air it can give you also means you are bringing the outdoors in. It’s a win-win.

Think about lighting at night too. Instead of using a ceiling light, could your room benefit from subtle lamps or mood lighting? There’s tons of options for shades, under counter and cabinet lighting and more besides. Combine older lamps with modern shades for that custom look that makes your rooms look unique. If you prefer to have your curtains open at night, consider small, outdoor lighting options. Light up trees, fences or paths to create a sense of the outdoors being an extension of the indoors, outdoors.

Bring in some nature

We always stress how much getting outside is these days, they say a walk is good for your mental health. Consider then, if you’re spending more time indoors, to bring some of that peaceful spirit inside.

Houseplants are an amazing way to brighten up any room and even on a budget they can make even the most tired rooms look full of life. Consider ones that will last, flowers and seasonal types tend to fade fast but succulents, cacti and more low maintenance options will stay around for years even with minimal care. Houseplants thrive on light, a little water and strangely, sound, so use this as an excuse to crank the radio too. The splash of colour can bring joy to a room, even if you aren’t decorating soon.