Mardome 600 x 600 fixed with kerb and clear double skinned dome


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Mardome 600 x 600 fixed with kerb and clear double skinned dome

This rooflight is the standard specification fixed low rise dome for flat roofs with excellent insulation.

The fixed dome features:

  • a double skin polycarbonate glazed unit with a centre pane U-value of 2.7 W/m²K;
  • Outer skin available in clear, bronze, opal and textured;
  • 216mm multiwall white PVC sloping kerb.
Mardome Trade is the standard specification dome unit for flat roofs. The double skin Mardome rooflights provide acceptable insulation achieving a centre pane U-value of 2.7 W/m²K and a U-value which ranges from 1.54 W/m²K for a 600x600mm dome to 2.09 W/m²K for a 1200x2400mm dome. The Mardome kerb foot radius facilitates easy application of roof covering to the termination point without the need for timber fillets. An integral factory- fitted clamp on the kerb holds the roof covering securely in place, preventing peel back once fitted. Secure fFixings are provided with tamper-proof caps. The glazing is composed of Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, with UV protection for weatherability and an impact resistance 200 times greater than glass. Mardomes are designed to be compatible with a range of roofing systems including single ply, bituminous, metal, liquid applied and asphalt. Comes unvented.

Conservation Size:
MK08 - 78cm (W) x 140cm (H)
Glazing Type:
Standard Double Glazing - 70 pane
Window Manufactured Date:
After February 2014
Trim Colour:
Grey Aluminium