Whether for a pitched or flat roof VELUX Sun Tunnels skylights can enable dark corners and corridors of your home, office or extension to be fully usable space, and even a real pleasure to be in. The reflective lining in VELUX Sun pipes reflect day light and sunlight and enable the light to be projected down the sun tube into your property. They are also energy saving as there is no need to switch lights on during the day.

How much light will it bring? The amount of light will vary depending on: 

  • Position: south facing will obviously bring in more light - On a clear day the rigid sun tunnel can provide 4 times more light than a standard 60 watt light bulb.
  • Rigid versus flexible: rigid tubes reflect more light than flexible pipes but your choice will be determined by the space in your roof and any obstructions.
  • Distance from the roof: the shorter the tube the better the light reflection into the room - but even if you need a long tube, the dark space below will still be transformed.
  • If you install a VELUX light kit with the sun tunnel then you can have light in the evenings also.

The VELUX Flat Roof Sun Tunnels are an excellent cost effective way of bringing light into cupboards and dark corridors and are less expensive than flat roof windows. As with all YARD Direct roof windows, skylights and sun tunnels we can provide the right solution regardless of roof material and pitch. Call us for the best technical advice on which products will be best for your project.