VELUX GVK 0000Z RoofLight


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GVK 0000Z
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The VELUX GVK 0000Z Rooflight is for use in unheated, uninsulated spaces where daylight is required.

  • Size: 46cm wide x 61cm high.
  • It is not advised to use these rooflights in habitable rooms due to their thermal performance.
  • Can be installed in roofs with a pitch of 20° - 65°.
  • Comes with insulating glass unit.

The VELUX GVK 0000Z Rooflight brings light into uninhabited spaces in your home where it is unheated and uninsulated.

The VELUX GVK Rooflight Window 0000Z is only for use in spaces which are unheated and uninsulated. They allow you to bring daylight into these spaces where you may require it, but due to their thermal performance, are not recommended in habitable rooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Window frame and flashing come with weather-resistant black polyurethane coating.
  • The sash is made from extruded aluminium.
  • A left-side handle comes standard but can be moved to the right prior to installation.
  • Patented safety opening restrictor prevents the window from swinging open and hitting the roof.
  • U-Value of 5.1 W/m2K
  • Integrated universal flashings for both flat and profiled roofing material up to 6cm high*.

* PLEASE NOTE: Not for use with standing seam metal roofs.