How to operate your VELUX Top-Hung Window

Posted by Becky Graham on 18th April 2018

Many people don’t realise that the VELUX top-hung window is dual operation, meaning it can be both centre-pivot and top-hung!

One of the most common questions we get asked is either how to clean your top-hung window or issues where the builder has installed the top-hung window and left it in the centre-pivot position.

In this blog we have easy instructions on how to move your window from a top-hung position to centre-pivot and then back again.

VELUX Top-Hung Roof Windows

What are they suitable for?

This range of roof windows are the preferred
installation for loft conversions, providing
uninterrupted views and a means of a fire
escape. Suitable for roof pitches between 15°
and 55° and can also be suitable for pitches
between 55° and 75° with special springs.
Please specify when ordering

Moving the window from Top-Hung position to Centre-Pivot:

  • First, ensure the window is fully closed before beginning.
  • Open the handle up, but do not push out.
  • Then pull the vent bar down fully, until the sash is fully rotated 180° 
  • Secure the position by sliding the barrel bolts into the holes at either side of the bottom of the frame. 

Returning the window back to its original position:

  • First slide the barrel bolts back out of the holes to their original position.
  • Rotate the window back 180°
  • Close the window fully
  • Ensure the vent bar is shut
  • Open the window with the bottom handle and push out – it should now be in a top-hung position

Top-Hung roof window maintence:

  • For ease of cleaning, the roof window has a centre-pivot functionality to easily rotate 180 degrees and allow cleanign of the outer glass.
  • Disengaging the springs can be easy. With the help of a flat head screwdriver. Ensure to support the weight of the sah when activating/deactivating springs.
  • Engaging the vent flat, locate the one side of the headlock that is not engaged. Lift the headlock arm upwards away from the console clip and pull forwards. Once the headlock arm is pulled forward, close the vent bar fully. 

View more information like this here


Check out this VELUX video on our YouTube channel which shows exactly how to move your window in to the centre-pivot position for cleaning.

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If you are still struggling with how to operate the VELUX Top-Hung Window you can contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.