How to operate your VELUX Top-Hung Window

Posted by Becky Graham on 18th April 2018

Many people don’t realise that the VELUX top-hung window is dual operation, meaning it can be both centre-pivot and top-hung!

One of the most common questions we get asked is either how to clean your top-hung window or issues where the builder has installed the top-hung window and left it in the centre-pivot position.

In this blog we have easy instructions on how to move your window from a top-hung position to centre-pivot and then back again.

Moving the window from Top-Hung position to Centre-Pivot:

  • First, ensure the window is fully closed before beginning.
  • Open the handle up, but do not push out.
  • Then pull the vent bar down fully, until the sash is fully rotated 180° 
  • Secure the position by sliding the barrel bolts into the holes at either side of the bottom of the frame. 

Returning the window back to its original position:

  • First slide the barrel bolts back out of the holes to their original position.
  • Rotate the window back 180°
  • Close the window fully
  • Ensure the vent bar is shut
  • Open the window with the bottom handle and push out – it should now be in a top-hung position


Check out this VELUX video on our YouTube channel which shows exactly how to move your window in to the centre-pivot position for cleaning.

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If you are still struggling with how to operate the VELUX Top-Hung Window you can contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.