A Guide To Winter Window Care

21st September 2022

Cleaning your windows is never fun, never mind cleaning your dirty windows during the winter months, but it’s one of those tasks that has to be done. We hear you asking the question; how can I clean my windows efficiently during winter to keep them looking the best they can? We have an answer.

We’ve shared with you some of our top tips on how to care for your windows during winter that’ll make the process a little bit easier.

Make sure you have the correct equipment

One of the first things you should think about when cleaning your windows is the equipment you’re using, this is a really important step. You’ve just spent a lot of money on your new windows, so you want to make sure you’re keeping them well maintained.

Get your cleaning solution, squeegee and a few microfiber cloths for the final polish. When using water on your windows it’s vital that you make sure it isn’t too hot, the sudden increase in temperature on your cold frozen windows could potentially damage the surface. A lukewarm temperature for your windows would be ideal.

Dress appropriately

Cleaning your windows during winter can get a little cold, so making sure you wrap up is important. A pair of warm boots and some warm gloves won’t go amiss, the warmer you keep yourself the easier the cleaning process will be.

Dust Your Windows

Before you start cleaning your windows, it’s a good idea to dust them down first. If you haven’t cleaned them in a long time there is a big chance that they’re covered in all sorts of debris from the autumn/winter months.

If you don’t take time o remove dust, you could just be smearing it into your window and making it much worse. Having a blank canvas to start cleaning is the best way to approach it and will enable you to keep your windows well maintained throughout winter. Use a clean cloth or paper towels o the pane but also on the window frames before you start washing windows for the best results.

Be Quick

Being quick when cleaning your windows is more important than you think, you don’t want to rush but being quick could mean you don’t get streaks on your windows. Using microfiber cloths to soak up any spills and soapy water before they turn into streaks is essential. You should also ensure you are quick when drying the windows to further prevent streaks.

As well as being quick, making sure you have the right spray would come in handy - you can even make your own! A combination of distilled water and white vinegar in a spray bottle will help give you streak free windows top to bottom.

Avoid the Sun

If you can help it, try and clean your windows on an overcast day when the sun isn’t shining. Not only could the sun block your vision, but it can also make it very difficult to see where you’ve already cleaned and where you might’ve potentially missed.

As well as making it very difficult to see dirty marks, the sun can also cause the water on your windows to evaporate fast, which can leave marks before you’ve even had a chance to wipe the window down.

We hope that these top tips make cleaning your windows a little bit easier this winter. And if you have not already purchased your windows, here at Yard Direct we stock a wide variety of different windows for your home. During September & October, you can earn up to £150 with every Velux electric or solar roof window you buy!