YARDLITE Windows & Flashings: Everything You Need To Know

31st March 2021

At YARD Direct, we focus on providing every home with the excellent quality roof windows they deserve. But sometimes the options available offer unrealistic costs, which is why we decided to innovate within the industry and produce our own branded roof windows and flashings, YARDLITE.

Created by VELUX’s sister company, Altaterra, YARDLITE windows and flashings are an excellent alternative to upgrading your home, without compromise. Oh, and did we mention the 10-year guarantee?


Available in a selection of sizes and options, the YARDLITE range features an array of roof window & flashing styles.

Within the range, you can choose from the following options -

YARDLITE AAX Centre-Pivot Unvented White Pine Roof Window

Choosing a YARDLITE white pine roof window is the ideal option if you’re looking to increase the light in your chosen room. With its high-quality painted white finish, the brightness will help reflect more light, compared to another colour.

Alongside the generous price, each YARDLITE white pane window is made in a production facility that uses the latest technology to ensure that the quality of each individual product is impeccable.

To ensure we have a sturdy frame, each window is created from FSC certified pine wood, so purchasing this roof window will not only improve your home, but you are also helping the planet by purchasing materials that are sourced from sustainable forests.

YARDLITE Pine Roof Window

Complete with a slimline design. The YARDLITE pine roof window is available in both vented and unvented options.

With the unvented option, you still have the freedom to open your window for times you choose to ventilate your home, whereas the vented option, comes complete with a trickle vent to allow air to filter in, even when your window is closed.

This window option is completed with high-quality moulded zinc handles, which allow your window to be locked in three different positions.

YARDLITE PVC APX/APV Centre Pivot Roof Window

Finished with white PVC, these centre-pivot windows are not only maintenance-free but help to modernise the overall look of your home.

The YARDLITE white uPVC roof window provides a better degree of water tightness compared to a pine roof window option, due to the strong insulation PVC frames provide, making these windows especially ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Alongside this, this window is complete with double glazed argon glass and guarantees resistance and durability against humidity.

YARDLITE Fire Escape Roof Window (MOE)

The YARDLITE vented pine fire escape window provides your home with an essential emergency escape route.

This window is created from high-quality raw materials, and thanks to its hanging pivot system which is positioned in the top third of the window frame, it also means you can enjoy the outside views your area has to offer.

Plus, with its toughened outer pane, it helps to prevent the glass breaking and its low E coating helps to regulate the temperature in your home throughout the seasons.

YARDLITE CVX CONS Conservation Roof Window

Complete with a black vertical glazing bar and black external profiles, the YARDLITE CVX is unmatched with the transformation it can make to your home, internally and externally.

This roof window design allows up to 10% more daylight (even more than some other branded windows) and matches perfectly with the conservation roof requirements due to its integrated, external profiles.

An excellent ventilated conservation roof window, for an excellent value too!


Perfect for bringing in light and fresh air into attics, lofts and other non-heated or uninhabited rooms.

The weather and UV ray resistant YARDLITE skylight is an option that provides versatility, as you have the choice of installing the skylight either as a side-hung or top-hung skylight.

Complete with a stylish chrome steel handle, you can ventilate your room via two different positions, each that provide their own individual benefits to your home's layout.

Arrives with an amazing 2 year guarantee!


Featuring an array of sizes to choose from, our YARDLITE flashing is available in -

  • Slate (SFX)
  • Tile (TFX)
  • Plain Tile (KFP)
  • Universal (UFX)

The beauty of our YARDLITE window flashing isn't just the price, but the choices you have, making this an amazing investment that can work for almost every home.

(Also, please don’t fall off your chair when you discover the price, we know how amazing it is.)

The YARDLITE range is something you cannot miss out on, not only could you transform your home, but you can enjoy the process knowing the affordability.

Plus, make sure to keep your eyes peeled to discover our next feature, all about our YARDLITE blinds & accessories!