VELUX Replacement Flashing


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VELUX Replacement Flashing
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VELUX Replacement Flashing is for replacing a single window flashing installed before April 2001.

  • The replacement VELUX Flashing can be used in two types of roofing materials: Slates up 8mm thick and tiles up to 120mm in profile.
  • 10 Year VELUX Guarantee
  • Uncertain on your roofing type - use this guide to help you find out.

For replacing Single VELUX Roof Windows Installed before April 2001.

The VELUX Replacement Window Flashing allows you to replace any window you may have that was manufactured before April 2001. The flashing is for roofing materials of either tiles up to 120mm in profile or slates up to 8mm in thickness. With both flashing kits, you have the option to add an insulation and underfelt collar.

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard VELUX 10-Year Guarantee
  • Massive range of sizes in order to suit to your window size
  • Suitable for two different roofing material types
  • Insulation Collar – this insulates the window frame which reduces heat loss and provides simple installation.
  • Underfelt Collar – this ensures a weather tight seal between the window and the roof.