VELUX Window Sizes and Prices: Your Beginners Guide

Posted by Skye Tunks on 30th October 2020

VELUX Roof windows and skylights are renowned for their quality and ability to light up any room. Here at Yard Direct, we supply a wide range of VELUX windows and accessories. In this blog, we will showcase our products with the VELUX window sizes and prices, so you can find the perfect addition to your home.

Firstly, let’s delve into our range of VELUX windows. 

Roof Windows

VELUX windows are highly regarded as market leaders in the roof window industry. They are engineered to allow maximum light through to brighten any room, improve air quality, reduce energy bills (win, right?) and enhance aesthetics. 

VELUX Centre Pivot 

The VELUX Centre Pivot window is easy to operate, use and easy to install. Check out our two options here.

If you want a window that is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, look no further. Our VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Window GGU White Polyurethane is ideal. From as little as £258.88 (inc VAT) you can trust these windows to deliver on their promise. 

  • Tiles upto 120mm in profile (EDW)

  • Plain tiles upto 15mm thick and 300mm length. 

  • Slates upto 8mm thick - not suitable for interlocking slate. 

Browse this product here

From £206.42 you can purchase a VELUX Centre Pivot window White Painted Pine. This window has a modern and a contemporary look at a bargain price. It has the same specifications as the window above. 

It is extremely durable, has an excellent finish, lower maintenance than regular pine and highly UV resistant. Did we mention, they both come with the VELUX 10 year guarantee?

VELUX Top-Hung

Our VELUX Top-Hung windows are highly versatile. You can use them to take advantage of the views in your area, to light up your room, make your room appear bigger or even as a fire exit!

We have two options, a White Painted Pine Top Hung Roof Window from £302.02 and a White Polyurethane Top Hung Roof Window from £354.47. 

  • Tiles upto 120mm in profile (EDW)

  • Plain tiles upto 15mm thick and 300mm length. 

  • Slates upto 8mm thick - not suitable for interlocking slate. 

These windows suit almost any modern home and living area while taking advantage of panoramic views from the comfort of your own home. The ventilation flap means the room can be ventilated even when the window is closed. Of course, the VELUX 10 year guarantee is promised. 


There is nothing worse than having to climb on things, move limbs in ways that shouldn’t be possible and just exhaust yourself to close a window. There is nothing that annoys us more than knowing it's raining and you haven’t closed your windows at home. 

Well with our VELUX INTEGRA Electric windows you can open and close your windows with a flick of a switch, bliss. They have a rain sensor on them so as soon as it starts raining, they will close, keeping your home nice and dry. 

From as little as £468.68, you can purchase yourself an electric window. 

Give your home that extra bit of luxury with windows that are easy to install, have a 10 year guarantee and a 3 year guarantee on their electrical motor. 

From £468.68 you can control your home with a touch of a button, with our VELUX White Painted Pine Electric INTEGRA Roof Window.

From £521.14, you can purchase a VELUX White Polyurethane Electric INTEGRA Roof Window.

Fancy a little bit more luxury? Luxury on top of luxury, how amazing right?

From £740.25 you can treat yourself to our VELUX Top-Hung White Polyurethane Electric INTEGRA Roof Window. Two benefits in one, top hung and centre pivot with the VELUX Guarantee promise. 

VELUX INTEGRA® Solar Powered

The same features and benefits of an electric window with one clear difference, our VELUX INTEGRA Solar Powered window uses the power of the sun. Provide your home with worry free security with one single touch while adding air and comfort to your room. 

From £502.52 (white painted pine) or £554.98 (white polyurethane) you can purchase this luxury product today!

It saves you money as the power comes from natural sunlight. Even if there is no sun it stores enough power to open and close the window 300 times!

VELUX Uninhabited Windows

Our VELUX Uninhabited windows are designed to give you the opportunity to bring light and air into inhabited spaces. Use them in unheated, non-insulated spaces where daylight is required. 

From £126.90 you can purchase one of these windows today. 

They are made with maintenance-free polyurethane, are water resistant and easy to handle. They have a parental safety opening restrictor, a sleek, modern finish and provide three ventilation positions. 

VELUX Conservation Windows

From £373.18 you can purchase a window that blends perfectly into the roof of your old building, transforming it into a light filled space.

Our VELUX Conservation Roof windows not only look beautiful, they bring a new lease of life to old structures. Make your room seem more spacious and airy today!

VELUX Modular Skylights

Wow - doesn’t this just blow you away?

Our VELUX Modular Skylights are a unique and contemporary solution to opening up large rooms in a home. They provide natural daylight and air into your home. This innovative skylight has 100% water tightness and a perfect fit to any flat roof. 

Control your skylights with a remote control, get your home fresh before you have even stepped in your home. With your remote, you can control both the windows and roller blinds and pre-programme your settings. 

Of course, they have rain sensors installed, which means they will automatically close if they detect any drop of rain, regardless of the pre-programmed settings. 

Give your house that WOW factor and get in contact with us for a bespoke quote here

Flat Roof Windows

Our range of flat roof windows add light into your property. They are the best in their industry with an amazing 10 year guarantee!

VELUX Flat Roof Window Bundle

From £419.76, you can purchase our VELUX Flat Roof Window Bundle. Choose from the new sleek curved glass rooflight, flat glass rooflight, clear polycarbonate ome and opaque dome. 

Looks good and practical! All the VELUX flat rooflights include an insulated PVC curb which has a two-layer glazed pane within to ensure high thermal efficiency. 

Modern, stylish and4 noise reduction, what’s not to love? 

VELUX Flat Roof Kerb

The VELUX Flat Roof Kerb provides you with the ability to put VELUX Roof Windows on a flat roof. 

From as little as £266.88, you have flexibility when selecting the most desirable window for you. It is angled in a way which allows rain and dirt to easily drain off, available in a range of sizes to match your window. 

VELUX Flat Roof Access

A manually operated flat roof window for access or escape purposes. From £953.10,our VELUX CXP Flat Roof Access window is available for purchase.

Low energy, easily operated and incredible sound insulations, this window delivers on its promise. Available in 3 sizes with VELUX 10 year guarantee promise.

Vario by VELUX

The fully bespoke Vario by VELUX rooflight range includes fixed, opening, walk-on, round and modular rooflights. If you desire something unique and elegant, this window is the one for you. 

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